Item #6931 Achtergronden Van Nozemgedrag [Backgrounds of Nozem Behavior]. Dr. W. Buikhuisen.

Achtergronden Van Nozemgedrag [Backgrounds of Nozem Behavior]

Assen, NL: Van Gorcum & Comp, 1966. Second Edition. Softcover. Perfect bound. 6 x 8 3/4 in. 374 pp. Text in Dutch. Very good; minor wear on edges and spine, some discoloration on bottom edge. Item #6931

The book that coined the term ‘Provo.’

The Nozems were a postwar Dutch subculture related to British Teddy Boys and American greasers. Like their British and American counterparts, the Nozems were rebellious youths who rode through the streets on mopeds wearing jeans, leather jackets, and slicked back hair. Their provocative behavior and general disregard for authority directly influenced the later Provo movement.

Were the Nozems a self-contained group of miscreants, or were they representative of a wider culture of delinquency in Dutch society? The culmination of five years of observation of these youths and their anti-authoritarian behavior by the author and his colleagues, this book traces the rise of the Nozems and presents a detailed account of their activities. Significantly, it is within this text that the term ‘Provo’ was coined as a shorthand for their provocative attitudes.

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