Item #6897 Destruction of the RSG-6
Destruction of the RSG-6

Destruction of the RSG-6

Odense, Denmark: Galerie EXI, 1963. First edition. Side-stapled and glue-bound into wraps printed in two colors. 28 pp. Text in English, Danish, and French. Near fine with a couple faint spots of foxing and some creasing to margins. Item #6897

Important early Situationist publication produced on the occasion of an exhibition at Galerie EXI, containing the first publication of Guy Debord’s “Les Situationnistes ou les nouvelles formes d’action dans la politique ou l’art” and reproductions of artwork by Debord, Jan Strijbosch, Michele Bernstein, and Jeppesen Victor Martin.

Organized by J.V. Martin in collaboration with Debord, Bernstein, and Jan Strijbosch, the exhibition and this catalog were inspired by the illegal publication of the classified U.K. government “RSG-6” plan by the group Spies for Peace. Outlined in secret government documents, U.K. intelligence had organized a plan to house key government personnel in a secret bunker, Regional Seat of Government 6. Spies for Peace reproduced the plans and spread them widely in a pamphlet entitled Danger! Official Secret RSG-6. This exhibition catalog reproduces a Spies for Peace poster on its cover. The book also contains a complete list of the works exhibited, including art by Bernstein, Debord, Strijbosch, J. V. Martin, and Spies for Peace.

Most of the works in the exhibition, as well as a large portion of the print run of this catalog were destroyed by the firebombing of J. V. Martin’s apartment, making this catalog exceedingly rare.

Only 8 copies located in OCLC as of June 2023.

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