Item #6732 City Maze at Fashion Moda. NOC 167 Jane Dickson, Crash.

City Maze at Fashion Moda

New York: np, 1980. Offset. 11 x 17in. Very good with pinholes at top corners and creasing to bottom right corner. Item #6732

Poster for Jane Dickson’s City Maze show at Fashion Moda in 1980. This poster has been stamped with text that reads “come get lost-”, presumably by the artist herself or the gallery. The poster reproduces an original drawing by Dickson of a silhouette wearing heeled shoes, entering the maze.

City Maze, a collaborative art installation between painter Jane Dickson and graffiti legends NOC 167 (Melvin Samuels) and Crash (John Matos), was a cardboard maze built within South Bronx gallery Fashion Moda. The installation required 6 months of planning and gathering materials; Dickson and gallery founder Stefan Eins spent weeks salvaging cardboard from discarded refrigerator boxes throughout the South Bronx. After construction, the walls were tagged by NOC 167 and Crash, who were introduced to Dickson by her husband, filmmaker Charlie Ahearn.

The main goal of City Maze was to engage the neighborhood around the gallery. The installation was a success and attracted many visitors, especially children in the neighborhood. City Maze was one of Fashion Moda’s most acclaimed shows and reports from the time suggest there was often a line to enter.

Fashion Moda (1978 - 1993) was an art space located in the South Bronx that was instrumental to the growth of the hip hop and graffiti movements of the 1980s. Artists such as Futura, NOC 167, Crash, Charlie Ahearn and Jane Dickson exhibited there. Fashion Moda was praised for fusing art exhibition while engaging with its neighborhood, as exemplified by City Maze.

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