Item #6098 The Modern Utopian [Communes, Utopia, Europe & Japan]
The Modern Utopian [Communes, Utopia, Europe & Japan]

The Modern Utopian [Communes, Utopia, Europe & Japan]

Five issues. Offset. Perfect bound in photographic wraps. 187, 195, 231, 239, 134 pp. Each 8 1/2 x 11 in. All very good to near fine. Item #6098

The five books produced by The Modern Utopian, the rare periodical published in the 1960s and ‘70s reporting on communes across the world.

These five books feature articles about and interviews with members of communes across the United States, in Europe and Japan. Communes reported on include the Catholic Worker Farm, Oneida, Sheep Ridge Ranch, Morningstar Ranch, Olompali Ranch, Sanemolle in Copenhagen,, So egarden, the Kabouters, the Amsterdam Provos, Berlin’s Kommune 2, the Selene commune, Auroville in Japan, Bhoodan-Gramdan, Skinkyo, and many more including the various New Mexico communes like Drop City, Libre, Hog Farm, New Buffalo, and the Lam Foundation.

The books also feature essays on Wilhelm Reich, “Technology and Utopia,” “Why Communes Fail,” kids in communes, gay collectives, group marriage, black communalism, jesus freaks, and an interview with White Panther founder John Sinclair.

An extraordinary collection of firsthand documentation from the rise of hippie communalism around the world.