Item #5692 [Christian peace activism, biker outlaws] Changing the World?

[Christian peace activism, biker outlaws] Changing the World?

Philadelphia: Campus Crusade for Christ, ca. 1970s. Offset. 8 1/2 x 11 in. Very good. Item #5692

Unusual protest flyer capturing the interactions between Christian peace activism and a biker outlaw gang. At an earlier action in Philadelphia, organizers demonstrating against a so-called "urban renewal" project were attacked by The Tuesday Slumlords, "New Haven’s answer to Hell’s Angels," who broke up the crowd of protesters with baseball bats. Police arrived, chasing the bikers away and arresting student activists. This flyer, created in response to the police attack, urges non-violence and love.

Campus Crusade for Christ was founded at UCLA in 1951 as a student ministry, and quickly expanded nationwide. Known for political conservatism and anti-communism, the group organized Explo ‘72, an evangelical conference meant to serve as "the Christian Woodstock." They also sponsored their own pop group, the New Folk, in order to counter the bad influence of groups like the Beates and Bob Dylan. Around the same time that this flyer was created, the Campus Crusade was heavily leaning to anti-abortion and homophobic organizing. The group continues to the present day, though they rebranded as "Cru" in 2011 in an attempt to distance themselves from the violence perpetrated during the original Crusades.

A strange document of conservative Christian peace activism’s clash with biker outlaws.

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