Item #5632 Why is This Man in Jail?
Why is This Man in Jail?

Why is This Man in Jail?

New York: Robert Collier Defense Committee, 1970. Offset on recto and verso. 8 1/2 x 14 in. Very good. Item #5632

Flyer seeking donations for the legal fund of Robert Collier, a Lower East Side community organizer and executive director of the Tompkins Square Park Community Center. Collier had been subjected to harassment from the government for the community building he had done, and on April 2, 1969, was arrested alongside members of the Black Panther Party on bogus conspiracy to blow up government building charges. His bail had been set at a prohibitive $100,000, and the flyer urges the community to fundraise however possible.

From the flyer: "He is guilty only of trying to destroy the brutal system of misery which oppresses and threatens to destroy our community."