Item #5478 Dead Hippie Live at the Central New Year’s Eve. Dead Hippie.

Dead Hippie Live at the Central New Year’s Eve

Los Angeles: Sel published, ca. 1980s. Xeroxed flyer. 8 ½ x 11 in. Very good; small chip at bottom right corner, pinhole and tape to edges. Item #5478

Dead Hippie was a Los Angeles band fronted by Simon Smallwood. Panned by critics, Dead Hippie never got off the ground, but played a number of shows in the Los Angeles area throughout the early-to-mid 1980’s. In a 1983 review of their release Living Dead on Pulse Records, Trouser Press’ Ira Robbins said, “The name and image — vicious, anti-wimp every-man-for-himself cynicism — are just right for the ’80s, but the music doesn’t add much to the concept. A Los Angeles quintet that fancies itself performance art of a sort, Dead Hippie sounds like a Batcave band (Specimen, Alien Sex Fiend) grinding out tuneless melodrama with a hyperkinetic beat and unchained guitars. What spoils it most is Simon Smallwood’s histrionic singing, which is indistinct and annoying.” Smallwood was also a member of the sludge outfit Würm, who thanks to their ties to Black Flag and SST, hold a more reputable position in the Los Angeles punk scene memory. This flyer is for a New Year’s Eve show at The Central on Sunset Boulevard.


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