Item #4787 Friends/Frendz Collection. Alan Marcuson, eds Rosie Boycott.
Friends/Frendz Collection

Friends/Frendz Collection

London: Munch Company, 1969-1972. Softcover folio. 11 ½ x 17 in. Offset on newsprint. VG. Item #4787

Based in London–and similar to contemporaries NME, Oz, and Inter-national Times–radical culture magazine Friends emerged out of the dramatic demise of the British edition of Rolling Stone; No. 1 of Friends is identical to no. 29 of its precursor. After the departure of its founding editor, Alan Marcuson, the magazine rebranded as “Frendz,” which was published from May 1971 to August 1972. With contributions from rock critic Nick Kent, photographer Pennie Smith, and designer Barney Bubbles, Friends covered all aspects of alternative culture, with a particular emphasis on the burgeoning English rock scene.

All issues in very good condition or better with minor edge wear, unless otherwise noted. Stored flat.

Funded by Marcuson’s father and American musician Bobby “Sky” Steinbrecher, the publication was wrought with chaos during its brief existence. In addition to the aforementioned name adjustment, the staff and format changed several times. In spite of the disorganization and constant turnover of its editorial staff, Friends remained a cult favorite in the underground publishing world; today it is regarded as a significant counterculture publication of the early 1970s. This collection is an excellent overview of the magazine from its early days to its final issues. Includes 45 issues.

Friends Nos. 1-9, 11-24, 26-28; Frendz Nos. 29-33, 38, 11-13, 22, 24, 26-28, 30-32, 34-35.