Item #4786 The New York Review of Sex & Politics Collection. S. Edwards, eds Steven Heller.

The New York Review of Sex & Politics Collection

New York: New York Feed Co., 1969. Offset on newsprint. Softcover folio. 17 ⅛ x 11 ½ in. VG. Item #4786

First published in 1969, The New York Review of Sex and Politics (NYRS&P) was a spin-off publication of The New York Free. Most of the contributors were involved with the pornographic underground magazine Screw before disputes with publisher Al Goldstein led them to break away and start their own paper. NYRS&P was a response to Screw’s bawdiness and sought to be a highbrow sex paper. During NYRS&P’s run, they featured contributions from artists and writers such as Dan Graham, Charles Bukowski, Brigid Polk, Ed Sanders, Pablo Picasso, John Chamberlain, and Tom Wesselmann, with Brad Holland contributing much of the cover artwork. After legal battles with the New York State Supreme Court, disagreements with distributors who wanted more sex and less politics, and a lot of money lost, NYRS&P folded. This collection consists of 14 rare issues of the publication from its first year in business, 1969.

Vol. 1, Nos. 1-9, 14-18.


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