Item #4667 Paul McCartney REALLY Is Dead. A J. Weberman.
A.J. Weberman

Paul McCartney REALLY Is Dead

Item #4667

A.J. Weberman: New York, [1971.] 8 1⁄2 x 11 in. Offset lithograph.

The Paul is dead rumors were running rampant globally during the endgame
of the Beatles. We gather that a lot of LSD and amphetamines were consumed
during these times, and that meaningful conspiratorial truths could be deciphered
from a seemingly mundane record cover or publicity still. AJ Weberman
is generally considered the most nutso of the Dylan scholars and will be
remembered for the ages as the guy who went through Bob Dylan’s garbage and
wrote a book about it. Weberman probably did not go through Paul McCartney’s
garbage as this text assumes his artistic death, and hence that the garbage has
no merit.


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