Item #4590 Flyer for the First Woodstock Sound-Out. Woodstock.

Flyer for the First Woodstock Sound-Out

1967. Item #4590

Woodstock, NY: Sound-Out, [1967]. 8 1/2 x 11", offset printed on recto only.
Flyer with instructions to attend the very first Woodstock Sound-Out, the outdoor festival which
laid the groundwork for, and was the direct predecessor of the Woodstock festival. The festival
was the brainchild of roofer and drummer John Moffitt, who was inspired to start a festival like
those already taking place in the west, but in an outdoor setting. This first incarnation took place
on Pan Copeland's farm outside of Woodstock, and featured light shows by USCO, Boston Electric
Co., and Pablo's. Featured performers included Richie Havens, Paul Krassner, Jerry Merrick, Ron
McLean, Tim Hardin, Junior Wells, Billy Batson, The Group Image, The Blue Light, Jim Welch,
Major Wiley, The Muffins, Elaine White, Andy Robinson, John Bassett, Woody's Truck Stop, and
Ramblin' Hill Rebels.
The flyer states "Bring bed-rolls, sleeping bags, etc - if you want to sleep out at the sleep-in."
Woodstock promoter Michael Lang credited the idyllic and outdoor nature of the festival with
being the direct inspiration for the Woodstock Festival. See Hoskyns, Small Town Talk p. 107.
Toned at extremities, with a strong 4" crease and some additional handling creases, and several
smudges, else very good.