Item #3993 62 RENAISSANCE DRAWINGS (SIGNED). BOO-HOORAY, Exitstencil Press / Penny Rimbaud.


Item #3993

The drawings in this book are a series of works created from 2002 on by Rimbaud, poet, philosopher and founder of Dial House and Crass. Rimbaud created these works in a sketchbook that went everywhere with him, and in his words, "became my dialogue with self and others." The drawings mark the first visual output from Rimbaud since the early 1970s, at which time he abandoned drawing and painting in favor of the word.

These are the only signed copies of 62 Renaissance Drawings available, and the proceeds from their sale will go to support Dial House. The purchase of an original drawing from the series will also include a complimentary signed copy of the book.

Paperback / 157mm x 112mm
Published by Exitstencil Press in 2011 in an edition of 300.

Price: $95.00