Jack Smith - Exotic Drawings and Photographs

Jack Smith - Exotic Drawings and Photographs

Saturday, Jun 23, 2018 - Friday, Jul 06, 2018

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649 Montauk Highway
Montauk, NY 11954

“The whole of western culture exudes the distinctive aroma of slowing frying mermaid filleted.”

- Jack Smith, letter to Jonas Mekas 1963

Jack Smith, 1932-1989, was a master of the exotic idiom, working in theatre, film, photography, graphic design, drawing, and slideshows. He was one of the path-finding pioneers of American post-war underground aesthetics. Every consecutive look at the work of Jack Smith increases in… Exoticism. Art that went from the heart to the hand without taking a detour via the brain, maybe that uncanny, toothsome and sublime art experience that is purely visceral is what exoticism actually is, or means.

 “Jack Smith could spend hours readjusting some peripheral aspect of a pile of debris, puncturing long silences only with occasional cryptic non sequiturs about penguins or a startling piece of extremely bad nutritional advice.

 - Gary Indiana

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