Item #POS195 Minds in the Gutter. Henk Pander.

Minds in the Gutter

Portland: Storefront Theatre, 1978. (Work: 15 ¼ x 20 ½ in. Framed: 23 ¼ x 18 in.) offset print. Item #POS195

Founded by Tom Hill and Anne Gerety after they were fired from Portland State College’s theatre company, the Storefront Theatre produced unconventional, boundary-pushing, free-spirited theater for a Portland audience. Their first production was Lysistrata in June 1970 and was performed on a farm. After finding a venue at 933 Russell Street, in a run-down neighborhood of Portland, they famously threw rent parties as a way to raise funds for their fifty dollars a month rent.

Minds In The Gutter was written and directed by Fitz Kalloch and performed at 933 Russell Street in 1978. The poster was created by Henk Pander.