Item #POS155 First European Punk Rock Festival

First European Punk Rock Festival

Montauban: IMP Lormand, 1976. 23 ¼ x 31 ½ in. Offset poster. Very good with minor water damage. Item #POS155

This poster is for the self-described First European Punk Rock Festival, held on August 21, 1976. Located in Mont de Marsan in the southwest of France, and organized by Zermati, this show included headliners Eddie and the Hot Rods as well as the French, American, Scottish, and Swiss punk personages of the era. In addition, The Damned, the only band from the new punk movement, performed, aligning themselves with other punk bands with their fast-past, dynamic, and electric energy and style. Although the Sex Pistols had originally been scheduled to play, they were cancelled by the organizers, who claimed the band had gone "too far" in their demands for top billing and certain amenities. The Clash had backed out in solidarity; both bands played at the 100 Club Punk Festival a month later in London.