Item #POS154 Six Public Acts to Transmute Violence into Concord. Living Theatre.

Six Public Acts to Transmute Violence into Concord

New York: Living Theatre, c. 1970s. (35 ¼ x 25 ½ in.) Stenciled poster on map of Pittsburgh. Good condition though it has been folded vertically and retains many creases. With some minor tears to the edges, and yellowing throughout. Item #POS154

Part of the Legacy of Cain series which included Six Public Acts, The Money Tower, Seven Meditations, Turning the Earth, and Strike support Oratorium. The full text of the poster reads “Six Public Acts to Transmute violence into concord & tampering with the master/slave system. Ceremonies and processions and changing Pittsburgh; prologue to the legacy of Cain.”.

Price: $1,500.00