Item #POS152 Pacifist Socialist Party: Disarm. George Noordanus.

Pacifist Socialist Party: Disarm

Amsterdam: Pacifist Socialist Party, 1971. 24 ¾ x 18 in. offset poster on glossy paper. In good condition save for 1" closed tear to the foot of the poster and slight crease to the bottom left corner. Item #POS152

PSP, or Pacifist Socialist Party, were a group of disparate leftist activists comprised of the marginalized members of various communist, anarchist, leftist Christian, and pacifist groups of the times. Forming during 1957 they were active in opposing nuclear proliferation, apartheid, and in the 1960s became active opponents of the Vietnam War. This poster, created for the Dutch elections of 1971 had a polarizing effect on the public; some praising it for its simple, liberatory message, while others decried a perceived sexism in its iconography.