Item #POS147 Namibia: Poder Para el Pueblo. Alberto Blanco.

Namibia: Poder Para el Pueblo

Cuba: OSPAAAL, 1981. 17 ½ x 19 in. Screenprint poster. Very good condition with some slight dents along the edges. Item #POS147

Published in 1981 by the Organization in Solidarity with the People of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, this poster exhibits the text "power to the people" in Spanish, French, English, and Arabic. From 1966 to 1990 South Africa held control of Namibia, extending their racist apartheid laws into Namibia’s occupied land. The primary opposition to this apartheid rule was SWAMP (South African People’s Liberation Organization) and their armed wing PLAN (People’s Liberation Army of Namibia), who waged years of guerrilla warfare against the ruling South Africans. Despite the years of armed struggle, it wasn’t until political pressures and U.N intervention made the holding of Namibia disadvantageous that South Africa finally relinquished power in 1990. This poster illustrates the pro-Namibian liberation viewpoint of OSPAAAL, a Cuban organization that supported communist revolutionary causes in the third world. OSPAAALs bright colored posters, produced for an international population, were translated, as here, into many different languages, and intended for an international audience.

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