Item #POS137 Pacjenci [Patients]. Jan Sawka.

Pacjenci [Patients]

[Krakow]: Teatr Stu, [1976]. Offset. 38 x 25 ½ in. Very good. Item #POS137

Adapted from Mikhail Bulgakov’s Soviet satire,The Master and the Margarita, Patients was among the Teatr Stu’s great plays that incorporated collaged texts from multiple sources including Dostoevsky, Goethe, Jerzy Grotowski, Sylvia Plath, Sartre, and Shakespeare.

This poster was designed by the famous counterculture artist and activist Jan Sawka, who was exiled from Poland in the

Jan Sawka (1946-2012) was one of the most celebrated artists of the 1960s and '70s Polish underground. Sawka, though critical of the Communist regime in Poland, was largely able to avoid trouble with censors until the mid-1970s, when his work began to attract an international audience. His oppositionist activities led to his exile from Poland in 1976, making these posters some of the last works he designed in Poland. He lived in New York until his death in 2012 and went on to do set design for the Grateful Dead, Steve Winwood, and others.

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