Item #POS116 Solidarnosc: Solidarity with Solidarity

Solidarnosc: Solidarity with Solidarity

Paris: Atelier F.A.P/ Imprimatur Libres, c. 1980s. 10 ½ x 15 ½ in. Offset poster. Very good condition with some minor dents. Item #POS116

This poster, in support of the Polish trade union Solidarnosc, pictures the sinister influence of the United States and the Soviet Union, caricatured by Mickey Mouse clutching the statue of liberty and a Bear with its tongue out holding the hammer and sickle. Solidarnosc was the only polish union unaffiliated with the communist party, and used a combination of civil disobedience and protest to advance their causes. During the height of their activities in the 1980s, nearly one third of the polish working class was part of the union.