Item #POS105 Popular Front. Ghassan Kanafani.

Popular Front

PFLP: Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, 1970. 13 ¼ x 19 in. offset poster. Near fine condition, though there are some slight smudges of black ink along the edges of the print. Item #POS105

Among the largest groups forming the Palestinian liberation organization, the PFLP was a secular Marxist-leninist group founded by George Habash. They advocate revolutionary Pan Arabism, secularism, and anti-zionist and imperialist causes. They’ve been associated with hijackings, kidnappings, and other violent actions, and are considered by the United States to be a terrorist organization. Since their founding in the 1960s they’ve been connected to other militant communist and socialist organization such as the Farc, PKK, and Japanese Red Army. They have also allied themselves at various times with state powers in Syria, Iraq, and Iran. This poster, depicting two hands raised with guns over the Palestinian flag with text in Arabic: “The Path of armed struggle - the path of liberated Palestine.”.