Item #ANT200 Shoot Diary. Tadanori Yokoo Tadashi Kurahashi.
Shoot Diary

Shoot Diary

Kyoto: Haizuka Printing Company/Single Copy Publish, 1981. First edition. 8vo in paper wrappers bound with mull/gauze so that beneath it the sewn binding is exposed. With obi/bellyband. Very good condition. Obi/bellyband in fair condition with large tear. Item #ANT200

Tanadoori Yokoo, one of the most fascinating and critically acclaimed designers of the 1960s, merged psychedelia, traditional Japanese printmaking motifs, and religious mysticism with dynamic modern printmaking techniques. He collaborated with artists, writers, and filmmakers like Yukio Mishima, Akira Kurosawa, and Shuji Terayama.

Yokoo, a seminal figure in the Japanese avant-garde, been compared to Pop Artists and printmakers like Andy Warhol. Recognized internationally as a major figure in 20th century design and fine art, a solo exhibition of his work was shown at the Museum of Modern art in New York in 1972, and he has exhibited widely since.

Shoot Diary, a portrait Yokoo’s life between 1970 and 1980, was made in collaboration with the photographer Tadashi Kurahashi, and documents visits to shrines and galleries, as well as his printmaking and general day to day life. A fascinating look at one of the 20th Century's greatest designers.