Item #ANT185 God Bless Tiny Tim

God Bless Tiny Tim

Berkeley: Libra Artworks, 1968. Photographic print on recto with postcard on verso. 8 3/4 x 6 in. Near fine condition. Item #ANT185

Postcard of Tiny Tim, born Herbert Khuary, the ukulele playing, falsetto singing, frequent bath-having, brusher of his own teeth with papaya juice, lurker on the fringe of American pop-music. Having become well known in the late 1960s with the hit “Tiptoe through the Tulips,” he appeared on the Tonight Show and elsewhere, thoroughly confusing mainstream America with his eclectically weird aesthetic. Obsessively knowledgeable on music, he was apparently amazingly well-versed in the history of forgotten 19th and early 20th century music; and while he is often thought of as a one-hit-wonder of sorts, he was active in the underground both before and after his popular success, having even appeared in Jack Smith’s Normal Love. This postcard commemorates God Bless Tiny Tim Tiny Tim’s first official record release in 1968.