Item #ANT129 Anti-Psychiatry Collection.

Anti-Psychiatry Collection

1970s. Item #ANT129

This collection brings together a selection of 11 rare zines, pamphlets, and writings from activist patients' groups that coalesced in the early to mid-1970s in England and the United States. In part arising from and influenced by late 1960s activism, civil rights, and anti-war movements, patients’ rights groups formed all over the world to combat the horren-dous conditions of mental hospitals and lack of committed peoples’ rights. Groups like EPOC, Mental Health Patients' Union, and Berkeley Radical Psychiatry formed peer-therapy groups, founded collective living situations, and published critical theory and practical guides for patients. The activist work presented here is part of a larger movement of anti-psychiatry and alternative psychiatry influenced by the philosophies of Wilhelm Reich, Jacques Lacan, and RD Laing, in addition to alter-native therapy communities like the La Borde clinic in France, SPK in Germany, and Kingsley Hall in Philadelphia. These activists demanded rights for the committed and established psychiatric care practices devot-ed to social therapy and community psychiatry. Housed in one museum box.

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