Item #ANT121 Fire Next Time. SDS WEATHERMEN.

Fire Next Time

Chicago: Students for a Democratic Society, 1969. Folio. Offset tabloid newspaper. 20pp. With moderate edgewear including several tears to the edges. Overall in good condition, though with wear commensurate with age. Item #ANT121

Named for a James Baldwin book which itself took its name from the lyric of a slave spiritual, The Fire Next Time was a magazine produced by the SDS and its militant offshoot The Weathermen. It ceased to exist after the schism wherein the Weathermen went underground to pursue militant activity, and the SDS dissipated into several warring factions. In the opening editorial by the SDS, “Who Are We,” they state: “As white organizers, we the SDS are building a movement of revolutionary white youth who can fight alongside the Vietnamese and black people to defeat imperialism and build a socialist society.” With articles on the black panthers, the motor city 9, a critical view of the Woodstock festival, and poems from Diane Di Prima’s revolutionary Letters, including Revolutionary letter #10, #3, and #5.