Item #6983 Wait for Me at the Bottom of the Pool

Wait for Me at the Bottom of the Pool

New York: Cinemaroc Nicelodeon, [1968]. Mimeograph. 7 3⁄4 x 8 1⁄2 in. Near fine. Item #6983

Flyer for Jack Smith’s performance and slideshow titled Wait for Me at the Bottom of the Pool. This work is from an early period of Smith’s shift from filmmaking to performances and slideshow presentations, or as Smith bills it here, a “Lobster Moon Mixed Media Spectacle.” While this work predates Smith’s move into the loft he named The Plaster Foundation, it was performed on the roof of the same building, suggesting an extended timeline for Smith’s Plaster Foundation performances.

Little is known of this specific performance and work, which was likely reconfigured several times over different performances. This iteration featured slides of photography by Smith of Mario Montez.

Price: $750.00