Item #6948 Closer. Joy Division.
Joy Division


Manchester: Factory Records, 1980. 12” vinyl LP, with later straight-edge inner sleeve and smooth jacket. First pressing, matrix / run-out: FACT 25 A1 AT OLD BLUE?, B-1 BG, housed however in sleeve of later editions . FACT 25. Used condition. Item #6948

First pressing of Joy Division’s second and last record Closer, in transitional housing from later editions’ sleeves.

Ostensibly the band’s epitaph, Closer is one of post punk’s highest achievements. This second entry is somehow more deathly and dancing than its predecessor, featuring experimentally accomplished tracks such as Isolation that pioneered synth use in punk and squarely anticipated New Order. It is also no less of a total art-work: while Unknown Pleasures broached new ground for both punk music and design, Closer features a tomb on its cover, irrevocably associated with Curtis’ death two months before the release of the record.

A final statement, Closer’s sepulchral disco is animated by what Mark Fisher described as “the exclusion of eros”.