Item #6902 For Us Also the Struggle Continues. Living Theatre.

For Us Also the Struggle Continues

Avignon: Living Theatre, [1968]. Screenprint on paper. A.P Avignon Stamp in blue. 31 1/4 x 25 1/2 in. Very good; horizontal and vertical lines from folding, chip at upper right edge. Item #6902

This poster declares the solidarity of The Living Theatre with the 1968 student uprising in France, and the decision to leave a festival in France they had traveled to. A translation of their words into English is as follows:

“We are leaving the festival because the time has come for us finally to begin to refuse to serve those who want the knowledge and power of art to belong only to those who can pay, those who wish to keep the people in the dark, who work so that the power is kept by the elites, who wish to control the life of the artist and that of other men…For us also the struggle continues. “.

Price: $450.00