Item #6899 The Return Of The Durutti Column. FACT 14. [sent by Tony Wilson to Greil Marcus]. The Durutti Column, Greil Marcus Tony Wilson, Martin Hannett.
The Durutti Column [Tony Wilson, Greil Marcus, Martin Hannett]

The Return Of The Durutti Column. FACT 14. [sent by Tony Wilson to Greil Marcus]

Manchester: Factory Records, 1980. 12 1⁄2 x 12 1⁄2 in. First pressing. Holograph mail label. Item #6899

The scarce first pressing of the Durutti Column’s debut album, with sandpaper sleeve and the Martin Hannett flexidisc. This copy was sent by Factory Records owner Tony Wilson, with original mailing label written in the hand of Wilson, to music critic and author Greil Marcus, introducing him to Situationist thought.

Inspired by Guy Debord’s first book Mémoires, the album was assembled by Factory staffers and members of Joy Division and A Certain Ratio. This example includes the original mail label, which is addressed from Factory Records owner, Tony Wilson, to writer and critic Greil Marcus. Marcus was first introduced to Situationism by Wilson’s inclusion of a sticker reproducing a panel from the famed “The Return of the Durutti Column” comic in Factory Records first release, “A Factory Sample.” After receiving the sticker and subsequently this very record from Wilson, Marcus would go on to become one of the most important critics and scholars of Situationism with his influential work tracking the links between Situationism and Dadaism with punk and postwar countercultures, Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the 20th Century.

Also included is the rare Martin Hannett flexidisc, only issued with the first pressing and featuring two tracks by the producer known for a distinctive atmospheric sound.
A critical artifact linking philosophy and popular music.