Item #6890 Misère de la sexologie. René Vienet.
Misère de la sexologie

Misère de la sexologie

[France]: [Internationale Situationiste], [1967]. Offset on cardstock. 6 x 7 3/4 in. Very good; mild wear to edge and spine, minor discoloration. Item #6890

Situationist détournement comic of pornographic images with speech bubbles written by members of the Situationist International. Using a graph as a visual aid, the man describes the statistical relationship between premature ejaculation and sexual arousal. The woman responds with the statistic that 96.77% of sociologists are incapable of reaching orgasm, while the man says that, as a social scientist, he is incapable of getting an erection.

This card, along with another version, was distributed in dormitories on university campuses in Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Strasbourg, and Toulouse in the spring of 1967. The graphics were also reproduced in issue 3 of French countercultural magazine Actuel in December 1970.

A document of Situationist influence on the student movement in France in the lead up to 1968.

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