Item #6887 Ting Galerie Birch [exhibition poster]

Ting Galerie Birch [exhibition poster]

Copenhagen: Galerie Birch, 1960. Stone lithograph. 35 x 25 1/4 in. Very good; horizontal and vertical lines from folding. Item #6887

Poster from artist Walasse Ting’s first exhibition at Galerie Birch, the oldest contemporary art gallery in Copenhagen.

After moving to Paris in the early 1950s, Walasse Ting befriended several members of the avant-garde art movement COBRA, including Pierre Alechinsky and Asger Jorn - the work depicted on the poster here bears a remarkable similarity to his work. Although not a COBRA artist himself, Ting incorporated the group’s emphasis on spontaneity into his paintings. Alechinsky introduced Ting to gallerist Børge Birch of Galerie Birch in Copenhagen and recommended he mount an exhibition of the artist’s work, which opened on December 6, 1960. This show was the first of many exhibitions Ting would go on to present at Galerie Birch throughout the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.

Founded in Copenhagen in 1946, Galerie Birch is the city’s oldest contemporary art gallery and is regarded as the leading European dealer of COBRA artists and their associates. The gallery is largely responsible for maintaining COBRA’s legacy as one of the major mid century avant-garde movements.