Item #6845 Bebop Jazz  [Art by Wally Berman aka Wallace Berman]

Bebop Jazz  [Art by Wally Berman aka Wallace Berman]

Item #6845

[US]: Dial Records, 1947. DIAL D-1. 10" vinyl 78 RPM album on three discs and cardboard sleeve. 10 1/4 x 12 in. Used condition.

Three disc set of 78 RPM records with six tracks featuring jazz legends including Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Sonny Berman, and more with original sleeve. 

Wallace Berman’s drawings for the cover of the two-volume anthology Bebop Jazz from 1947 and 1948 are generally believed to be his first published works. The collage-like illustration evokes the sound and energy of jazz music. Berman was a lover of jazz, and the genre’s emphasis on experimentation and improvisation would help shape his artistic oeuvre. 

Disc 1 catalog number: 1006
Disc 2 catalog number: 1007
Disc 3 catalog number: 1008.