Item #6802 Ahnoi, No. 5: Music Issue (Fall/Winter 1985). Joel Lewis Cheryl Fish, Ed Smith.

Ahnoi, No. 5: Music Issue (Fall/Winter 1985)

New York: Gaede’s Pond Press, 1985. Side stapled sheets. Xerox on rectos only. 34pp. 8 ½ x 11 in. Very good. Item #6802

Issue no. 5, “The Music Issue,” of rare underground poetry magazine Ahnoi, which was associated with the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church. This issue features interviews with Amiri Baraka and Anne Waldman, poems by Clark Coolidge and David Meltzer, songs from Allen Ginsberg and Maureen Owen, and a reprint of Albert Ayler’s vision that was originally published in The Cricket. Notably this issue places the New Music alongside the avant-garde and language poets of 1980s New York. The interview with Baraka covers an assessment of John Coltrane’s legacy; Atyer’s vision conveys a deeply religious, eschatological, exposition written only a year before his death.

An artifact of the intersections of free jazz and poetry in New York.