Item #6787 Theatre des Nations: U.S.A. The Living Theatre. Marcel Jacno.

Theatre des Nations: U.S.A. The Living Theatre

Paris: Théâtre des Nations, [1962]. Offset. 15 ½ x 23 ½ in. Very good, with wear on the top edge. Item #6787

Poster for several performances of the Living Theatre’s repertory productions of The Apple and The Connection by Jack Gelber, and Dans la Jungle Des Villes by Bertolt Brecht for the 1962 Théâtre des Nations festival in Paris. The company had just won the festival’s Grand Prix the previous year, and would move to Europe the following year.

Directed by Judith Malina, designed by Julian Beck, written by Jack Gelber, and with music by Freddie Red, The Connection follows a theatrical producer and writer as they attempt to stage a play about the lives of various proficient drug users and inhabitants of the New York demimonde. The play consists of conversations between the characters as they wait around to score. It won three Obie awards in 1959-1960, including best new play, best all-around production, and best actor. From the first production in 1959 at the Living Theatre.

Designed by the French artist Marcel Jacno, who created some of the hallmarks of stylish French life, such as the packaging of the French cigarettes Gauloises, along with countless posters and illustrations.

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