Item #6502 The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds Collection [17 issues]. ed Billy Zebub.

The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds Collection [17 issues]

Clifton, New Jersey: self-published, 1993-2000. Issues no. 3, 6-19, 21-22.
Photocopied and offset printed zine/magazine. All issues very good with minor edgewear and bumps. Item #6502

The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds was a death metal magazine published by Bibbly Zebub that began as a Xeroxed fanzine, eventually transforming into a glossy music magazine distributed in Tower Records. After the first five issues, the zine went from Xerox to offset on newsprint, while retaining the self-published layout, content, and editorial fanzine voice throughout its run. In addition to coverage of the global metal scene, the magazine featured editorials, film and video reviews, nude goth models, and occasional articles on mysticism, fantasy, the occult, and related topics. The magazine became so popular among metal audiences that it released a special issue that also served as the program for Milwaukee Metalfest in 1997.

Known for his sarcastic and unique editorial voice, Zebub would often conduct interviews or answer reader questions in Elizabethan English. The magazine turned to web publishing in the early 2000s, with issues being released sporadically throughout the past twenty years. Billy Zebub, the creator of Grimoire, hosts a weekly WFMU radio show and creates independent films.

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