Item #6429 Save Times Square Party
Save Times Square Party

Save Times Square Party

New York: Danceteria, [1982]. Offset. Double sided sheet folded to create four page pamphlet. 5 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄2 in. Very good. Tape and abrasion at interior fold, not obstructing image or text; otherwise clean. Stamped “Complimentary: Present This Card at the Door Man.”. Item #6429

Pamphlet advertising two parties at Danceteria, with a list of events from July 18 to July 28, 1982 on the back. The Save Times Square Party featured performances by Santana, the Dyanmos, the Dynells, and Chi Chi Valenti, as well as a notable drag show by Miss Ming Vauze and the Downtown Sissies.

A document of early resistance from artists against the gentrification and the “cleaning up” of Times Square: “There is a growing movement that threatened to destroy this marvelous monument to our times. Urbanists, big capital, bureaucracy and women against pornography are threatening its very existence.”.