Item #6380 Know Your Scumbags. Richard Deagle, Victor Mendolia.

Know Your Scumbags

New York: [ACT UP], [1989]. Offset. 22 x 21 in. Small spot of discoloration at left edge, not obstructing image or text; otherwise, near fine. Item #6380

Rare poster designed by Richard Deagle and Victor Mendolia for ACT UP in protest of the homophobic Cardinal John O’Connor for use in demonstrations and guerilla subway action.
O’Connor was the Archbishop of New York, who actively campaigned against condoms, safe sex education, abortion, needle exchanges, and other essential components of women’s and LGBT healthcare.The poster shows O'Connor wearing a mitre that looks like an unrolled condom next to a photo of a pink condom in that same shape - below the condom, the poster reads, “This one prevents AIDS.”
The poster that inspired Keith Haring to become an AIDS activist and a member of ACT UP, a striking example of the ACT UP design and sensibility.

"Cardinal O'Connor was blocking the distribution of safe sex information and condoms in New York City public high schools and we invaded his church because he needed to get out of the education system and stop killing people by denying them access to safe sex education and condoms." -Eric Sawyer, co-founder of ACT UP.