Dash Snow Diptych [Two Flyers]. Dash Snow, Nico Dios.
Dash Snow Diptych [Two Flyers]

Dash Snow Diptych [Two Flyers]

ANYTHING [A New York Thing] Presents: Art Damage vs Parent Haters at Joes Pub July
20th at 10 pm [and] Mega Damaged Performances by Joey Semz, Blue Label, Barr Dog Pony, Pink Socks - Flyer by Dash and Nico

New York: np, ca. 2002. Offset. 11 x 14 1⁄4 in; framed to 13 x 17 in. Near fine. Item #6178

A diptych of two flyers by Dash Snow and Nico Dios for performances at Joe’s Pub in New
York. Snow and Dios were key members of the legendary late-90s and early-00s graffiti crew
and art collective IRAK. An essential part of downtown New York history, IRAK was, for
several years, the primary piece making up downtown New York’s character. Snow went on
to have a highly successful and influential art career, creating a mythic figure of himself and
assembling an aesthetic vocabulary, at times both humorous and extreme, with images of
nudity, delinquency, disaffection, minor gore, newspaper clippings, and other cultural flotsam.

These flyers promote two performances and parties at seminal downtown performing arts
venue Joe’s Pub. Exemplifying Snow’s collaging style and sense of humor, the flyers are also
artifacts of the movement between low and high culture in New York; prominent and prolific
downtown graffiti writers hosting and promoting events at a cultural institution embedded in
the established avant-garde and performance art world.