Item #6097 Jewish Students’ Bund: Peace Now! [Sholem Itst]

Jewish Students’ Bund: Peace Now! [Sholem Itst]

New York: Jewish Students' Bund, ca. 1971. Mimeographed. 8 1/2 x 11 in. Very good. Item #6097

Flyer for the Jewish Students Bund in New York City, a document of anti-Zionist, anti-imperialist organizing in the 20th Century.

The yer demands peace in Southeast Asia, peace in the Middle East with “a just solution to the problems of the Palestinian people”, and an end to racism and anti-Semitism. The Bundists also decry the then newly-formed Zionist organization the Jewish Defense League as nationalist terrorists, and promote The Other Way: a pro-Yiddish, anti-Zionist and anti-racist publication. Printed at 25 East 78th Street at the Jewish Labor Committee.

The Bund, translated as the union or federation from Yiddish, was a secular Jewish labor party formed in the Russian Empire around 1897. Bundists opposed Zionism and proposed the
use of Yiddish as a Jewish language over Hebrew. The Bund founded their own trade union and fought for the rights of Jews facing persecution. Eventually the Bund dissolved, though their in influence still remains at the heart of the Jewish left. This yer is a compelling artifact of anti-Zionist Jewish culture predating the Neo-Bundist resugence of the 21st century.