Item #6096 Texte: der RAF [with] Karlek med förhinder [False Cover for Texte: der RAF]. Red Army Faction.

Texte: der RAF [with] Karlek med förhinder [False Cover for Texte: der RAF]

[Lund]: Verlag Bo Cavefors, 1977. Perfect bound. 5 1/8 x 7 7/8 in. 600 pp. Text in German. Very good; minor wear on edge, spine, and cover. Item #6096

Two German compilations of Red Army Faction texts, one with false cover, published in Sweden to subvert German censorship.

This anthology of texts by members of the Red Army Factions was published in Sweden by Bo Cavefors, regarded as one of the most important Swedish publishing houses of the twentieth century for its contribution to left-wing intellectualism. Publication of these texts had been forbidden in Germany, and they were confiscated upon their distribution there.

This set includes both the standard edition of Texte: der RAF, as well as an edition published under a fictitious cover, Karlek med förhinder by Per A. Rosenberg, illustrated with a small drawing after Manet. This latter edition is one of the most notorious examples of tarnschriften (illegal writings camouflaged with innocent-looking covers) of the era. The choice of Manet is likely not accidental, but has echoes given Manet’s affection for depicting scenes of bourgeois leisure, and his connections to the Swedish royal family; his mother was the goddaughter of Swedish King Charles XIV John.

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