Item #5934 1st Annual Film Contest Berkeley Film House

1st Annual Film Contest Berkeley Film House

Berkeley: Berkeley Film House, 1972. Offset with silver reflective sticker. 8 1⁄2 x 11 1⁄4 in. Near fine. Item #5934

Flyer soliciting entries for the first annual film contest at the Berkeley Film House.
Berkeley Film House founder Michael Scheiss, who would go on to found the Pacific Pinball Museum, described the BFH “a film commune in an old frat that was going under.” The Film House is also mentioned in critic Michael Medved’s memoir as a “little group (never more than eight people)” who hoped to one day become a production company and who assisted in Medved’s copaganda produced for the Berkeley Police Department. In 1972, shortly after this film contest, the BFH became a film school called the Berkeley Film Institute, which director David Fincher attended while in grade school.

A rare glimpse at an unusual and short-lived film cooperative in early 1970s Berkeley.