Item #5920 The Reincarnation of Jesus Involving “Synchronized Cinema”. Rudi Stern Jackie Cassen, The League for Spiritual Discovery, Diane Di Prima, Timothy Leary.
The Reincarnation of Jesus Involving “Synchronized Cinema”

The Reincarnation of Jesus Involving “Synchronized Cinema”

New York: Hitchcock - Balding Productions, Ltd., ca. 1966. Mimeograph from typescript to recto and verso. 8 1⁄2 x 14 inches. Very good; horizontal line from folding at center and light toning. Pencil inscription to verso. Item #5920

Program for the second Psychedelic Celebration, “The Reincarnation of Jesus” by Jackie Cassen and Rudi Stern, including production cast and description by Timothy Leary and the League for Spiritual Discovery on verso. Contributors included Diane di Prima as script writer, Timothy Leary as “guide,” Bob Ross as “Pilate’s Investigator” and “Master of Time,” and Ralph Metzner, Alana Marlowe, Patrick Murphy, Peter Walker, Peter Williams, Ron Connally, Bill Berlin, Michael Green, Jeffrey Kaplan, Jean Mc Creedy, Carole Mann, Rosemary Woodruff, Joel Lewis, David Hosford, and Henry Goldstein in various other production roles. Performed in September 1966, this was the second of three “psychedelic celebrations” staged by Cassen, Stern, and the League.

A particularly rare artifact from Timothy Leary’s League for Spiritual Discovery, illuminating the interplay between early psychedelic exploration and avant-garde art.

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