Item #5815 [Drag] The Waltzing Bugle: Issue 6

[Drag] The Waltzing Bugle: Issue 6

South Bay Area, CA: The Waltzing Bugle, 1974. Offset with black and white illustrations throughout. 8 1⁄2 x 7 in. Saddle-stapled. 20 pp. Very good. Item #5815

A magazine made in and for the gay male and drag community of the South Bay area. This issue includes ‘Fog Catcher No. One,’ describing a local camp softball game ‘where boys with mustaches and beards could get dressed up like girls and still have a good time,’ a veritable who’s- who of the local members including code names and gossip. Other features include a reader’s call for greater communal unity, a warning against undercover vice police officers, and advertisements for local venues and events such as ‘Scotty’s birthday party.’

A sharp and funny insight into the politics and dynamics of South Bay’s queer and drag scenes of the mid-70s.