Item #5728 Gay Sunshine: A Journal of Gay Liberation, No. 19

Gay Sunshine: A Journal of Gay Liberation, No. 19

San Francisco: Gay Sunshine, 1973. Offset on newsprint, 12 ½ x 17 ½ in, folded to 11 ½ x 9 in. Some wear on corners, otherwise very good. Item #5728

Gay Sunshine’s has 2 year history of intellectual dignity on the cutting edge of the gay experience. Founded by Winston Leyland, an important figure in post-Stonewall gay liberation Gay Sunshine’s pages feature a cornucopia of gay history, sex, politics and culture.
Issue 19 contains an interview with Christopher Isherwood and a multi-page photographic essay by Anthony Enton Friedkin, as well as articles challenging the distinction between gay lib and gay business, reviews, and an essay on Ganymede in Renaissance literature.

A ‘liberated and liberating’ journal, an artefact of post-Stonewall gay liberation, and a repository of gay culture and heritage.