Item #5707 Meher Baba Photo Exhibit Flyer

Meher Baba Photo Exhibit Flyer

ca. 1960s. Very good condition, creased from folding, wrinkled across sheet, edges slightly yellowing. Item #5707

Meher Baba was one of the most influential spiritual leaders of the twentieth century, declaring himself an Avatar or God in human form. In 1925, he began a 44-year period of observed silence, but was incredibly influential in introducing Eastern spiritual ideas and practices to America and Europe, specifically to celebrities and musicians. Although he passed away in 1969, his life and teachings were popular in New Age ideas and hippie spiritualism in the 1960’s and beyond. This flyer features an illustration of a young Meher Baba with text below, “Visit the Meher Baba photo exhibit - on the campgrounds (near the Hog Farm - Free Food Service)”. This flyer was possibly exhibited at the Meher Spiritual Center.