Item #5688 All Out to Union Square! Demonstrate on May Day!

All Out to Union Square! Demonstrate on May Day!

New York: The Provisional Committee for the 69th Anniversary of May Day, 1954. Offset on newsprint. 8 1/2 x 11 1/2 in. Very good; paper embrittled with age, chipped to edges and yellowed. Item #5688

Flyer released before May 1, 1954, encouraging workers to demonstrate on May Day and mobilize at a demonstration in Union Square. Labor demands are intersectional and all-encompassing, and include "Negro-White Unity! End of Jimcrow! Freedom for Rosa Lee Ingram! A Strong FEPC!", as well as support for anti-Korean War efforts, World Peace talks and outlawing the H-Bomb, an end to McCarthyism and policestate laws, increased unemployment benefits, and more. The 1954 labor concerns for workers’ rights, civil rights, and disarmament remain distressingly topical. A scarce, fragile, and incredibly prescient document of the history of May Day in New York.