Item #5672 [Forgery, Fakery, Fraud] Crass + Dirt + Annie Anxiety

[Forgery, Fakery, Fraud] Crass + Dirt + Annie Anxiety

np: np, ca. 2005. Laser print. 7 1/2 x 11 in. Very good, horizontal line from folding. "designed & printed by Crass for Crass" printed on verso. Item #5672

A fake flyer for Crass show on Tuesday October 22, 1981, at the Market Hall Carlisle.

Though supposedly an artifact of a Crass show in 1981, this flyer is actually a forgery, produced sometime in the last fifteen years by an unknown party. DIstributed to unwitting customers through e-commerce, this flyer is an artifact of fraud and a record of the collective unscrupulousness the need to make a buck can inspire in the book trade.