Item #5652 Stop the Executions! [anti-fascist terrorism, global solidarity]

Stop the Executions! [anti-fascist terrorism, global solidarity]

New York: USLA Justic Committee, 1975. Mimeograph. 8 1/2 x 11 in. Very good with closed tears to edges, creasing, and print faintly doubled across sheet. Item #5652

Flyer for demonstration organized by the Latin America solidarity organization USLA Justice Committee in protest of the planned execution of eleven Spanish political prisoners. Prosecuted for the alleged murder of fascist police, the accused were members of the Basque nationalist and anti-fascist organizations the ETA and FRAP, respectively. Five were ultimately executed.

The executions prompted a sustained international outcry and solidarity movement: anti-fascists firebombed the Spanish embassies in Lisbon and Brussels while 15 European countries withdrew their embassadors. The demonstration organized by fascists in support of the executions would be Franco’s last public appearance; he died less than two months later, making these the last executions to happen in Spain.

A distinctive document of the final months of fascism in Spain, the anti-fascist organizing and violence that ended it, and America’s robust 1970s internationalist and solidarity movement.