Item #5608 TMT Show: Telepaths, Meyce, Tupperwares May 1 Ticket

TMT Show: Telepaths, Meyce, Tupperwares May 1 Ticket

Seattle: Tupperwares, 1976. Photocopied ticket. 2 x 4 ½ in. Near fine. Item #5608

The Tupperwares were Tomata du Plenty, Rio de Janeiro, and Melba Toast’s (aka Tommy Gear) first band prior to the Screamers, formed in Seattle in 1975 and active for only about a year. In late 1976, after legal threats from Tupperware trademark owners, the band changed their name to the Screamers and moved to Los Angeles. Shortly after the move, Rio de Janeiro quit the band and they added members David Brown and KK Barrett to form the first lineup of the Screamers.

This show, held on May 1, 1976 at Odd Fellows Temple in Seattle, Washington, featured other local acts Telepaths and Meyce, resulting in it being billed as the “TMT Show”. The Tupperware’s second and final gig, the TMT show was allegedly Seattle’s first completely self-promoted DIY punk show and featured a backing band consisting of Pam Lillig, Eldon Hoke and Ben Rabinowitz. A scarce and unique artifact from a turning point in the Screamers career.

Price: $100.00