Item #5518 Vegetarian Tome-Tome, No. 3

Vegetarian Tome-Tome, No. 3

New York, NY: Vegetarian Tome-Tome, 1972. Mimeograph, side stapled newsletter. 6pp. 8 ½ x 11 in. Near fine condition, minor yellowing and bumps to edges. Item #5518

The 1972 Thanksgiving issue of this small vegetarian newsletter, discussing a recent vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner recorded for television news held by the activist groups Animal Liberation, Beauty without Cruelty, and The Animal Protection League of Hunter College.

For all “veggies, carbohydrate freaks, animal lovers, and eco-freaks”, this scarce publication of free thought opinions from radical vegans denouncing Thanksgiving traditions - the feast itself, the history of the holiday, the dog show, and the parade, feels just as relevant today as it was in 1972. Tome-Tome was published out of 339 Lafayette St, aka The Peace Pentagon, a building known for being the home of many leftist activist organizations from 1968 through 2016.